Our Philosophy

Cloud HorsesEnvironment

A Cloud Horse is raised in a natural environment, allowing them to be a horse. Happy and healthy animals will overall live, produce and perform longer and better. Cloud Horses graze year round, always have access to mineral and salt, are supplemented with top quality hay, grain and vitamins, and are regularly wormed and vaccinated.

Our training and handling methods are consistent and correct. The horses themselves have been carefully chosen for their conformation and disposition. Perfection on all levels is our goal.

Breeding Methods

We believe that only through careful selection, proper care and training, are great horses produced. The Tiger Horse adds gait for comfort, bravery for reliability, and exotic color for originality. When you consider purchasing a horse, it’s more than just another posession. Your horse is your partner, friend, and long-term companion. Your horse is a life time commitment and by purchasing a Cloud Horse, you will have peace of mind that your long-term companion will be healthy and vibrant for years to come.

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