Tiger Horses

Tiger Horses

Tiger Horses have long been known throughout the world as the ancient breed of kings. Tiger Horses are exotically colored, Gaited and Brave. They have been used through the ages as warhorses and as royal mounts. Some cultures have even considered Tiger Horses sacred and held them on a pedestal above all other breeds of horse. . Tiger Horses have long been etched into permanent memory within the deep colors of museum paintings, in movies and written into the pages of countless history books.

Tiger Horse Coat and Color

The distinctive coloring of the Tiger Horse is known as a Leopard Complex Coat. The Leopard Complex Coat develops as the horse matures; displaying changing patterns from mottled, frost and snowflake to a roan, speckled or leopard.

Tiger Horse Gait

Tiger Horses are gaited making them significantly more comfortable to ride than other breeds of horses. The easiest gait, the Indian Shuffle is a four-beat saddle gait with medium lift. The Tiger Horse Registry accepts any four-beat saddle gait, while even timed gaits, such as the running walk or rack gait are preferred and widely accepted.

Tiger Horse Origin

The Tiger Horse name comes from the French-Spanish word Tiger which refers to large cats of striped or spotted coats. Many breeds of horses have had spotted coats since the dawn of history. Spotted horses were all the rage amongst nobility and royalty throughout Europe in the 18th century. . The enormous bravery displayed by these extraordinary animals was a prime reason they were selected for Tiger hunting as well as similar perilous duties

Cloud Horses and the Tiger Horse

Cloud Horses specializes in the Tiger Horse because of their excellent disposition, their distinctive coloring and their strong constitutions. At Cloud Horse, we believe the Tiger Horse is the best all-around horse available at any price.

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